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Flughafen Zürich Airport Review

Airport reviews play a very important role in uplifting the reputation of a specific airport. On the other side, bad reviews also have an adverse impact on the image of the same. But this thing proves helpful for the officials to do necessary changes as per the complaints of the passengers and also provides a medium to the other travelers to take necessary steps regarding their traveling experience.

Taking about the Zurich Airport, it is also known as Kloten Airport which is the largest airport in Switzerland with its main hub at Swiss International Air Lines. The airport is located in around 13 kilometers; north of Central Zurich. The airport is owned by Flughafen Zürich AG; a company quoted on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Zurich Airport is counted in the list of top airports of the world.

When it comes to discussing the services which you can avail at Zurich Airport (Switzerland); then probably the following points will throw some light regarding that.

  • You can easily avail an extensive range of services, from general information about the airport to the rental of bikes & inline skates here.
  • The different terminals of the airport are linked to the central air-side building which is known as Airside Center, totally supports numerous medical centers, a conference center, shops, restaurants, offices, and hotels.
  • You can also find a supervised Left Luggage counter which provides its services next to the Service Center in car park 2. And the facility of 24/7 lockers is also available.
  • There is also the availability of pickup and porter services via Customer Ground Service from any location at the airport and this is subjected to a fee. This involves individual or group care along with the service for bulky items.
  • At Zurich Airport, you can also get the glance of a new model of baggage cart which is light, stable and makes a little noise. A plastic coating gives the handles a comfortable feel and these are also dirt-resistant and hygienic; the facility is totally free of charge to the passengers at the Airport.
  • Here you can also enjoy the Wi-Fi internet access for about two hours which is available throughout Zurich Airport.


At Zurich Airport, you will find three airside piers which are known as terminals A, B, and E and are also signposted as Gates A, B/D and E. These terminals are in turn linked to a central air-side building i.e. Airside Center which was built in 2003. All passengers access the same departure level of the Airside Center which includes duty-free shopping and various bars and restaurants.

There are three airside terminals in total which include:

Terminal A

The terminal A contains gates prefixed A. Being opened in the year 1971; the terminal is used exclusively by the flights to and from destinations inside the Schengen Area. It also includes the several domestic flights within Switzerland. After its expansion in 1982 to 1985, it takes the form of a finger pier which is directly in connection with the one end to the Airside Centre.

Terminal B

The terminal B contains gates prefixed B and D. It was re-opened in November 2011, after the process of re-building over a period of three years. Same as terminal A; it also takes the form of a finger pier and is directly in connection with the one end to the Airside Centre. After the rebuilt process is over, it is designed to handle both Schengen and non-Schengen flights at the same gates. Each gate has been assigned with the two numbers, one prefixed B, and the other D in order to separate the flows of Schengen and non-Schengen passengers.

Terminal E

The terminal E contains gates prefixed E and is also known by the names of midfield terminal or Dock E. This terminal is entirely used by non-Schengen international flights. Being opened in 2003, the terminal is connected to the Airside Center by the Skymetro which is an automated underground people mover.


Layover & lounges:

As you enter the airport, you will find a number of lounges which will offer you great services and optimum hospitality. Whether you require a comfortable office infrastructure or just need something to relax, you can avail everything while waiting for your connecting flight. Along with that, there is the availability of Smoking lounges too at the Zurich Airport. You can easily use the specially equipped and well-ventilated smoking rooms.

You can find lounges like Dnata Skyview Lounge, Swiss International Airlines Lounge, Swiss Lounge D, and Aspire Lounge at the Zurich Airport.

Family Services:

If you are traveling with the kids, then taking care of them while waiting for the flights is a great headache which can easily be resolved by the availability of the kid’s lounges at Zurich Airport. All you need to do is to sit back and relax while your kids let off some steam. The kids’ lounges at this Airport are bright and spacious playrooms with a lot of toys for kids of all ages. Here you find a well-trained team of child carers who can speak various languages and will provide best ever assistance. In case you have a baby with you, then you can use the baby changing facilities, care products and rooms for sleeping, free of charge at the airport.


What’s better than to have a shower which let you freshen up after a long flight! Well, here at Zurich Airport, you can have the glimpse of shower facilities at various locations around the airport.

Dropping off and Picking Service:

Zurich Airport also offers various waiting and parking options for drivers by providing them the services of picking up or dropping off people at the airport too. The lower curbside level offers a convenient short-term parking option (P4) for picking up passengers directly in front of the arrival halls.

Pet Facility:

You can also get the glance of prominent services of Animal Care team which ensures that your pets are transported safely and smoothly. Plus our experienced personnel will provide all the necessary care to your pets.


There is a lost property office in arrivals hall 1 along with that the porter service is also available to assist passengers with their luggage, while trolleys can be used free of charge. You can also get the services of the left-luggage desk and lockers to stow baggage in arrivals.


The airport reviews matters a lot in increasing its popularity.

  • Peter Tobe:

I am a frequent passenger at this airport from the last 10 years. The new security is excellent. Walking distances are more than ok. For me, this is the most convenient airport given its size and connections offered. I really would like to see some of these conveniences at other airports.

  • Ron Kuhlmann:

The Swiss lounge is quite nice and the proximity to the airport shopping mall was very helpful as I had a few things to do while in transit. Boarding area E continues to strike me as cold and stark but the service and amenities at the airport are world class.