Tips To Be Followed By A Senior Citizen While Traveling Through Air

Posted on March, 23, 2017 By : FTSadmin

Nowadays, the majority of the people find air travel the easiest and the most convenient mode of transportation. And when it comes to the senior category, things are little different and tricky in terms of traveling through the air. Undoubtedly, the number of older people is increasing rapidly from the past recent years and so as it has increased the importance of making good efforts to make their traveling experience more comfortable.

Senior citizens who are in wheelchairs are allowed to check in and board the plane first, but that’s not the appropriate solution for the several problems they face. Yes, the problems which mainly include:

  • Financial Problems: Senior citizens are non-earners; hence it becomes quite difficult for them to purchase certain tickets.
  • Lack of knowledge: People above 65years of age are not aware of how to use the internet and if they do know, then probably they don’t have enough knowledge regarding specific deals which could increase their benefits.
  • Health Issues: The older people are more likely to be having serious health issues or infection problems; hence it is also counted as one of the issues regarding traveling through the air.
  • Luggage Problems: It becomes very difficult to handle huge baggage by the normal person, so imagine how harder it would be for the elders to deal with this stuff.

Age never matters when it comes to traveling different spots but the complications which the elderly people face should be are a bit more. Either they are going on a vacation or just to meet their family members, extra care and benefits can help them to reduce the effect of a long journey.

To tackle the above-discussed problems, we gather a list of few tips and tricks which help in making the traveling experience of these seniors a little more convenient.

  • Senior citizens are very easily affected by the inappropriate ambiance, so if you have any health issue or infection, do traveling with all your MEDs with you.
  • If you want to get an appropriate deal which ensures maximum gains, then it’s better to book your ticket online and if you can’t do so do take the help of a family member to help with reservations.
  • Booking a direct or non-stop flight would be the best option to click in case of older people in order to avoid any further discomfort ability.
  • Do search for senior discounts because most of the flights give special benefits to the senior people, so study all the alternatives in hand.
  • It is obviously more convenient to travel which lead your arrival and departure during the day timing especially in the case of elderly people.
  • Nothing is more helpful than the family, so it’s better if one of the family member or relative is with the senior people while traveling.
  • If you have any issue regarding walking from one terminal to another in the airport, then do a request for a wheelchair from the airport.

Although not every airline offers discounts or extra benefits to seniors, but still, there are few airlines which take a step ahead to help them regarding traveling through the air. Some of these are:

  • American Airlines: The authorities of American airlines have made an extra effort by ensuring them benefits like wheelchair assistance, facility to travel with a portable oxygen concentrator, availability of extra seat for the personal attendant and much more.
  • United Airlines: United Airlines offers special fares to selected travel destinations for the passengers who are 65 or more. Along with that, they also provide special tips to them regarding their traveling.
  • Delta: These airlines have also made a special column for kids, seniors and other individuals with disability along with the ones who want to bring their pet along the ride. It seems good when an airline does some extra effort for the comfort of their passengers.
  • US Airways: US Airways has also made an effort by giving special attention in case of disabling and immoveable persons.
  • SouthWest Airlines: These airlines have also make specifications regarding fares, limitations, and restrictions. They promote for a fully refundable amount for seniors in case of ticket cancellation.
  • Air India: Air India has also made a unique move by offering discounts to senior citizens over 60 in all domestic and international flights to the US and Europe.

So choose wisely and pick the most effective offer. Don’t look too hard on the discounted deals, just avail the one through which can make your traveling experience comfortable and the one you can easily avail through flydealfare. It’s not a big deal for a senior citizen to travel alone; all you need to do is proper planning and selecting the right option.