Posted on April, 15, 2017 By : FTSadmin

London Luton Airport is setting new records by becoming the busiest Airport serving a total of 15 million passengers with its services in a year which is the highest in its 79 years of history.

“Fifteen million passengers over 12 months is a significant milestone for us.”- A statement from Nick Barton, CEO of LLA.

LLA remains the only airport in London which is not attached to the facility of a direct express-style rail service. To which they hope that the government and the train operators will introduce four fast trains per hour from central London.

To extend its services, the airport actually had launched 20 new routes in 2015.

And to meet the demand of a huge number of passengers, LLA is currently undergoing a £110m redevelopment process which is estimated to be completed by the year 2020. It will help the airport officials to handle up to 18mmpa which is approximately 50% more than today.

This transformation will let the airport to get new stunning features and a complete redesign of the terminal for a quick, efficient, friendly and convenient passenger experience. It also includes the doubling of the existing retail space and will feature new options in shopping, dining, and entertainment. You will also witness a new executive lounge, a multi-storey car parking, and the Oyster card services through to the terminal building.

This redevelopment process will increase the capacity of passengers to 18 million per year by 2020.  To meet the needs of the passengers, a huge amount has been invested in the redevelopment project.

The transformation is going well and the passenger experience will be significantly improved within the next three years as per the estimation.