How To Deal With The Lost Baggage at The Airport?

Posted on March, 25, 2017 By : FTSadmin

Losing your baggage at an airport could be the worst nightmare of any traveler. There are probably various reasons due to which you can find yourself in such a situation. Yes, it is a dreadful experience and probably hundred of passengers face this problem every single day. Well, there are a number of restrictions attached to the checking in and out of baggage and proper security is also given importance but still, things like lost baggage, stolen baggage, damaged baggage, delayed baggage are very common at every airport.

It may happen to anyone so it’s better if you know what to do in such a case!
Let’s discuss “What to do” and “What to avoid?”

Never leave the Airport:
This is probably the basic mistake that everyone does. No matter how tired you are, be there at the airport and don’t go home. If you think you can deal with this the next day, then trust me it would be too late for that. Report for the lost or stolen baggage as soon as possible as it will only help you to get your luggage back.

 Prefer to take a direct flight:
Most confusion takes place when you need to catch the connecting flight as you are already in hurry, hence situations like these can very easily take place. The majority of the times it happens when the timings of your baggage and the next flight does not match.

 Act patiently with the Airline Employees:
Once your baggage is lost, there is no benefit of yelling or screaming at the employees of the airport. Keep yourself cool and patiently talk to the officials and remember that they are not the one who is responsible for your lost baggage. They are only there to file your complaint.

 Do check-in on time:
You should fully aware of the airline’s cutoff time regarding checking of luggage. A 5 to 10 minutes of delay can really put you in a tight situation. So reaching before the time limits can prove helpful to you only.

File your complaint at baggage service desk:
As soon as you find it that your baggage has been stolen or lost, the next step to be taken is to file your complaint and the airport’s baggage service desk may be the best option to do that.

 You won’t get full prices on your lost stuff:
It would be totally useless to think that you will get a full claim of the lost or stolen luggage of yours. Just make this thing clear in your mind as soon as possible.

 Don’t lie about your lost baggage:
In case you try to exaggerate or lie about your lost stuff, the officials will ask you to show the receipt of your each carry-on. So unless puzzling in that give a correct description of your lost things.

 Do Not Give Up on Your Bag:
If you don’t get your luggage on the same day, do remain in touch with the airline’s officials and always remember all the information required for the process of searching for the date and flight numbers.

 Have a look at your home insurance and credit cards:
Some of the credit cards offer you flight insurance and especially related to your baggage coverage; when you buy a ticket with that card. And some homeowner’s insurances also cover these losses, so check out these things too.

 What not to say?
Never say that you have valuable things in your bag or you don’t know that what is inside your bag. Just give an itemized list of what was in your luggage. The better description you can give regarding your things like the size, color, and quantity; the better are the chances of its finding.


• You can claim for the fee that you pay for your checked baggage.
• If you lost your sports equipment, then you can get the claim for that from the airlines itself.
• If your luggage is really lost and there is no chance of getting it back, then, in that case, the airlines have to reimburse you for it. All you need to do is to fill a claim form explaining the details of the stuff in the bag.
• If your luggage is delayed and you want it back, don’t think that you will get it for free.
Uncertainties like baggage lost or stolen can take place anytime to anyone. It up to you to remain active and alert and knows your rights regarding your claims and reimbursement.