Feeling Nervous To Take Flight For The First Time: Here is What You Need!

Posted on April, 14, 2017 By : FTSadmin

If you are traveling a plane for the very first time, then you might be filled with excitement and nervousness. In case, you are traveling alone, then things become a little tricky for a first time travelers. Where to check-in and what documents you need are some of the important questions while taking planes, so it’s better if you go through the following list of few tips which might become a helping guide for those who are taking the flights for the very first time.

Following points go well with the first time air travel guide:

  • Firstly, buy a ticket/ e-ticket:

The easiest and the best way to purchase a ticket or book a flight is to search for your flight ticket online. You will get better deals and best discounts on multiple flights to different routes.

  • Do take your photo identification proof:

If you are taking a domestic flight, you will need a photo identification card such as a driver’s license or your voter card. If you are flying internationally, then you will require a passport, usually the one that is valid for six months from the date of departure.

  • Make sure you have an accessible copy of your ticket:

Taking an extra copy of the air ticket is always helpful while traveling on air. In the case of any emergency, you can easily manage the situation by showing them your copied documents.

  • Carry luggage as per the airline requirement:

Before packing your several pieces of baggage, do go through the restrictions made by the different airlines on them. The majority of the airlines permit their passengers to carry one handbag or any other personal item like laptop or purse with them. So do study the rules in concern with that.

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  • Arrive at the airport early:

Arriving an hour before the take off proves very helpful when you are a first time traveler. Spending time at the airport will make you comfortable and help you to familiarize yourself with the whole process.

  • Check-in at the airline desk:

Do follow some of the signs to the check-in desk and show your ID proof so that they can look up the reservation, print your boarding passes and collect any baggage fees for checked bags if required by weighing them.

  • Go through the security check:

At the security checkpoint, do present your boarding pass and the ID proof. Once you are at the screening machines, take off your shoes and jacket; place them into a plastic bin provided to you. In case, you are traveling with the laptop, place it aside from other stuff.

  • Collect baggage properly:

Once your flight lands; exit the airplane and follow signs for baggage claim. Identify your baggage and collect it out.

  • Register your phone number with the Airline:

If you register your phone number with the Airlines, then that particular Airlines can send you the PNR number and details of all the flights in advance. In case, your flight is delayed or rescheduled; they will also text you or call you.


  • Make sure that your all bags are well-packed and properly locked.
  • Check the Airport Terminal where your flight will arrive or depart from.
  • Do take a Trolley for ease, if you have a lot of stuff & pieces of baggage with you.
  • Store all the necessary items in your Hand-baggage which you might need on the flight.
  • Do not carry any hazardous or dangerous stuff or prohibited items in your carry-ons.
  • Avoid standing in long queues with large groups & people with a lot of Checked-in baggage.
  • Check out whether your flight is delayed or depart on time.
  • So just be a little prepared and manage to take care of the all the necessary documents while traveling on planes.