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Rules Regarding American Airlines Carry-On Requirements

Your baggage plays a very keen role when it comes to air travel. It’s not like traveling in a bus or train where you can carry as much luggage as you want. There are certain rules and regulations which you…

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April, 20, 2017 By : FTSadmin

Airlines Offer Free Meals on Their US Flights

Who doesn’t like to get free things? When it is related to flights and the amenities you get there; free complimentary meals are always welcome by the passengers. Free meals in flights are making a comeback; that means you can…

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April, 14, 2017 By : FTSadmin

How To Deal With The Lost Baggage at The Airport?

Losing your baggage at an airport could be the worst nightmare of any traveler. There are probably various reasons due to which you can find yourself in such a situation. Yes, it is a dreadful experience and probably hundred of…

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March, 25, 2017 By : FTSadmin

Tips To Be Followed By A Senior Citizen While Traveling Through Air

Nowadays, the majority of the people find air travel the easiest and the most convenient mode of transportation. And when it comes to the senior category, things are little different and tricky in terms of traveling through the air. Undoubtedly,…

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March, 23, 2017 By : FTSadmin