Cuba Is ‘Huge Opportunity’ for U.S. Travel Companies, BCG Says

Around after two years, there is a hope of seeing some ease in travel restrictions between the US and Cuba. Cuba can be seen as a “huge” but challenging opportunity for U.S. based cruise or airline or the hotel companies as well according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group.

As per the latest article from the Boston Consulting Group i.e. BCG; over 2 million US citizen could visit Cuba every single year by the year 2025. The article titled as “Taking the Long View on Cuba’s Tourism Opportunity” is being published.

According to the estimations of BCG study, more than 2 million Americans could visit last year which does not include the Cuban Americans.

On one side the travel to Cuba is increasing but we cannot ignore the quality of travel infrastructure on the island which really needs maintenance. You can only witness outdated and rough roads, inadequate customer service levels, unreliable tourism services and much more complications like these. In addition to that, some skeptics think that recent announcements by US travel companies indicate that the industry might have overestimated demand.

Well, traveling from the US to Cuba has already included very low levels from the last two years since the former Cold War allies announced a détente and after Obama eased the travel restrictions to the island.

According to a report, “The reality is that U.S. travel to Cuba is in its nascent stages, and all the players are still learning how to make it work.”

BCG had not thought about the sudden cast of Donald Trump as US next former president who is not in favor of normalization of relations

In order to promote tourism, the Cuban government is planning to double the hotel capacity by the year 2030 through partnerships with foreign companies. Right now, Starwood is the only U.S. hotel company who is carrying out its operations in Cuba.

BCG also stated that’ There was also an opportunity for expanding cruise lines to Cuba.’ A number of U.S cruise operators have started offering lines to Cuba in the past year. They have to deal with multiple challenges like adding a cultural element to their trips to comply with U.S. government rules on travel to Cuba.

The best possible solution regarding this is that the U.S. companies and the Cuban government should work together to resolve some of these issues.

As for the airlines, they require dealing with the increasing demand for flights to Havana. To that, BCG advice, “They could carry out campaigns to lure Americans to other Cuban cities and tap into Cuban demand for flights to the United States.”


When it comes to making your place in the list of top airports in the world, the reviews do play a very important role. Talking about the Chubu Centrair Nagoya International Airport, the airport well deserves a spot in the top airports and is counted as the first class airport of Japan.

Chubu Centrair International Airport is an airport on an artificial island in Ise Bay, Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture which is 35 km south of Nagoya in central Japan. The airport is the main international gateway for Chubu region of Japan. It serves a large number of domestic passengers and a number of regional routes operated to Asian cities such as Bangkok and Singapore.

Airport reviews vary a lot in proportional to the services which you can avail there. At Chubu Centrair, you can get the glimpse of following:

  • You can enjoy the comfort at the airport by using the facilities of the massage chairs that are located in the domestic and international boarding waiting areas.
  • At Chubu Centrair Airport, you can also find the boat ticket sales counter and buy boat race betting tickets there. The airport is the first to add this facility for the travelers which let them enjoy the boat races of Japan, the Tokoname Boat Race, etc.
  • If you are worried about the parking, then no need to worry as the parking lot over here will directly connects you to the Terminal Building of Central Japan International Airport. And the parking is open 24 hours a day and you can enter or exit the parking lot even in the early morning or late at night.
  • You can also witness the reception counters for many rental car companies which let you hire a car at rent as you arrive at the airport.
  • The main feature of this airport is that the Passenger Terminal Building, the Access Plaza and the parking lots are non-smoking areas. Hence you are not allowed to smoke there; rather you should one of the nearest smoking rooms at the airport.
  • This airport also comes with the changing room facilities. If you need to change your clothes, you can use one of them and these can be locked too.


The Chubu Centrair Nagoya International Airport is one of the top airports of the world. At the Chubu Centrair Nagoya International Airport, you will find the main terminal reflecting the shape of the English alphabet “T”, which consists of three piers radiating from a central ticketing area. The effective design of the airport makes the check-in distance below 300 m or 980 ft.

There is a single terminal in the airport, the northern side of which regulates the domestic flights and the southern part holds the international flights. Each side of the terminal is equipped with the ticket counters, security checkpoints, and baggage carousels. You can also find the immigration and customs facilities at the international flight side.

The arrivals of the different flights are controlled or managed at the second floor whereas the departures of the flights are settled on the third floor. The lower level is used for the other operations like maintenance, catering, and the ground functions. It is also used for passenger buses to hardstands in the middle of the airport ramp.

There are thirteen gates in total for domestic flights which include the three bus gates. On the other side, the international flight’s area includes the fourteen gates which involve the three bus gates too.



You can witness a number of lounges at the Chubu Centrair Nagoya International Airport which will impart its best ever services to make you comfortable and relaxed at the airport while waiting for your flights. This list includes:

Sakura Lounge:

The Sakura Lounge is one of the largest lounges at the airport. All you need to do is to turn right after passing through Immigration and then head in the direction of Center Pier. You will get the lounge on your right.

Star Alliance Lounge:

If you pick the Star Alliance Lounge, then you will get the glimpse of the rich variety of drinks, Internet access and other amenities like that. The lounge is fully equipped with the glass-paneled walls which in turn provide a beautiful view of the ocean to the various travelers resting here. Only the First-class and business-class travelers on international flights or the one who own the Star Alliance Gold membership can use this lounge.

KAL Lounge:

Travelers who choose KAL lounge can avail the facilities like connecting to the Internet, the self-serve bar feature that offers beer and other alcoholic beverages along with coffee and other soft drinks. Sandwiches and other snacks are also available as part of the top-quality service.

Centrair Global Lounge:

You can witness the seven business desks which are fully equipped with wired LAN connections as well as a smoking room with seven seats at this lounge.

Centrair Airline Lounge:

The Centrair Airline Lounge is available to travelers who have already passed through the domestic security checkpoint.


Nursing Rooms: The nursing rooms are located almost adjacent to all general restrooms. Along with that, the facilities like diaper changing station, a nursing chair, and a washstand is also available.

Restrooms: You can easily get the child toilets and baby seats which are available in the general restrooms.

Rental Baby Strollers: You can easily avail the baby strollers for rent at the third floor of the Departures Lobby and at the Information Counter of the Access Plaza.

Play Areas: The children’s play areas can be found within the boarding waiting areas both at domestic and international flights which you can avail after passing through the security checkpoint.


You can connect to the free Wi-Fi connection at the Central Japan International Airport. Any traveler can get accessed to the Wi-Fi at the airport who has a Wi-Fi-enabled device like a laptop or a smartphone.


You can very easily find the computer facilities in both the international and domestic departures restricted areas. Passengers who have their own computers can plug into the wired LAN ports and connect to the Internet.


At the airport, it becomes very easy to rent a cell phone if you don’t have the mobile service at your travel destination.


You will find a number of elegant hotels at the Chubu Centrair Airport which can render appropriate services to you at different rates. You will find airport hotels like Centrair Hotel, Comfort Hotel Central Japan International Airport, Toyoko Inn, TUBE sq which is a Capsule Hotel, etc.


If you are looking for the domestic and overseas traveler’s insurance plans, then the counter located on the third floor of the Departures Lobby at the airport will offer you valuable deals according to that. The facility of automated contract machines to purchase insurance is also available at the airport.


You can enjoy the Tax-free Shopping at Centrair Airport. All the items are exempted from tax for international tourists; it includes the consumable goods like food, cosmetics or beverages also.


Reviews play a very important role when it comes to build the image or reputation of an airport.

Jeremy Chan: I have never expected that a small-scale airport can be able to provide outstanding and extensive services to travelers. The airport was very clean and tidy, and everything in the terminal was well organized. Incredibly, a large number of facilities including an observation public bath were there. A wide choice of restaurants was available and the prices were reasonable. Convenient access to the city center. The airport gave us a great impression upon our first visit to Nagoya.

S Hedden: I used Nagoya as a transit airport between Indonesia and USA. Quick arrival procedures. Everything was well signed in Japanese and English. Transfer desk was unmanned but I bypassed as I already had a boarding pass for connecting flight. Security was fast and polite. The terminal was clean and orderly. My flight was delayed by 10 hours. The terminal has high ceilings and big windows looking out over ramp providing an open feeling. Clean restrooms. Only 1 restaurant which only takes Japanese Yen and a Starbucks but there are several money exchange booths. Lots of duty-free and high-end shops. Free Internet throughout the airport.


Airport reviews play a very important role in uplifting the reputation of a specific airport. On the other side, bad reviews also have an adverse impact on the image of the same. But this thing proves helpful for the officials to do necessary changes as per the complaints of the passengers and also provides a medium to the other travelers to take necessary steps regarding their traveling experience.

Taking about the Zurich Airport, it is also known as Kloten Airport which is the largest airport in Switzerland with its main hub at Swiss International Air Lines. The airport is located in around 13 kilometers; north of Central Zurich. The airport is owned by Flughafen Zürich AG; a company quoted on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Zurich Airport is counted in the list of top airports of the world.

When it comes to discussing the services which you can avail at Zurich Airport (Switzerland); then probably the following points will throw some light regarding that.

  • You can easily avail an extensive range of services, from general information about the airport to the rental of bikes & inline skates here.
  • The different terminals of the airport are linked to the central air-side building which is known as Airside Center, totally supports numerous medical centers, a conference center, shops, restaurants, offices, and hotels.
  • You can also find a supervised Left Luggage counter which provides its services next to the Service Center in car park 2. And the facility of 24/7 lockers is also available.
  • There is also the availability of pickup and porter services via Customer Ground Service from any location at the airport and this is subjected to a fee. This involves individual or group care along with the service for bulky items.
  • At Zurich Airport, you can also get the glance of a new model of baggage cart which is light, stable and makes a little noise. A plastic coating gives the handles a comfortable feel and these are also dirt-resistant and hygienic; the facility is totally free of charge to the passengers at the Airport.
  • Here you can also enjoy the Wi-Fi internet access for about two hours which is available throughout Zurich Airport.


At Zurich Airport, you will find three airside piers which are known as terminals A, B, and E and are also signposted as Gates A, B/D and E. These terminals are in turn linked to a central air-side building i.e. Airside Center which was built in 2003. All passengers access the same departure level of the Airside Center which includes duty-free shopping and various bars and restaurants.

There are three airside terminals in total which include:

Terminal A

The terminal A contains gates prefixed A. Being opened in the year 1971; the terminal is used exclusively by the flights to and from destinations inside the Schengen Area. It also includes the several domestic flights within Switzerland. After its expansion in 1982 to 1985, it takes the form of a finger pier which is directly in connection with the one end to the Airside Centre.

Terminal B

The terminal B contains gates prefixed B and D. It was re-opened in November 2011, after the process of re-building over a period of three years. Same as terminal A; it also takes the form of a finger pier and is directly in connection with the one end to the Airside Centre. After the rebuilt process is over, it is designed to handle both Schengen and non-Schengen flights at the same gates. Each gate has been assigned with the two numbers, one prefixed B, and the other D in order to separate the flows of Schengen and non-Schengen passengers.

Terminal E

The terminal E contains gates prefixed E and is also known by the names of midfield terminal or Dock E. This terminal is entirely used by non-Schengen international flights. Being opened in 2003, the terminal is connected to the Airside Center by the Skymetro which is an automated underground people mover.


Layover & lounges:

As you enter the airport, you will find a number of lounges which will offer you great services and optimum hospitality. Whether you require a comfortable office infrastructure or just need something to relax, you can avail everything while waiting for your connecting flight. Along with that, there is the availability of Smoking lounges too at the Zurich Airport. You can easily use the specially equipped and well-ventilated smoking rooms.

You can find lounges like Dnata Skyview Lounge, Swiss International Airlines Lounge, Swiss Lounge D, and Aspire Lounge at the Zurich Airport.

Family Services:

If you are traveling with the kids, then taking care of them while waiting for the flights is a great headache which can easily be resolved by the availability of the kid’s lounges at Zurich Airport. All you need to do is to sit back and relax while your kids let off some steam. The kids’ lounges at this Airport are bright and spacious playrooms with a lot of toys for kids of all ages. Here you find a well-trained team of child carers who can speak various languages and will provide best ever assistance. In case you have a baby with you, then you can use the baby changing facilities, care products and rooms for sleeping, free of charge at the airport.


What’s better than to have a shower which let you freshen up after a long flight! Well, here at Zurich Airport, you can have the glimpse of shower facilities at various locations around the airport.

Dropping off and Picking Service:

Zurich Airport also offers various waiting and parking options for drivers by providing them the services of picking up or dropping off people at the airport too. The lower curbside level offers a convenient short-term parking option (P4) for picking up passengers directly in front of the arrival halls.

Pet Facility:

You can also get the glance of prominent services of Animal Care team which ensures that your pets are transported safely and smoothly. Plus our experienced personnel will provide all the necessary care to your pets.


There is a lost property office in arrivals hall 1 along with that the porter service is also available to assist passengers with their luggage, while trolleys can be used free of charge. You can also get the services of the left-luggage desk and lockers to stow baggage in arrivals.


The airport reviews matters a lot in increasing its popularity.

  • Peter Tobe:

I am a frequent passenger at this airport from the last 10 years. The new security is excellent. Walking distances are more than ok. For me, this is the most convenient airport given its size and connections offered. I really would like to see some of these conveniences at other airports.

  • Ron Kuhlmann:

The Swiss lounge is quite nice and the proximity to the airport shopping mall was very helpful as I had a few things to do while in transit. Boarding area E continues to strike me as cold and stark but the service and amenities at the airport are world class.


Reviews of any airport depend upon the facilities and services it offers to the numerous passengers or travelers. Talking about the London Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom, it is the 3rd busiest airport in the world on the basis of international passenger traffic. Serving passengers from more than 185 destinations in around 85 countries, the airport supports more than 80 airlines.

When it comes to discussing the services offered at Heathrow Airport (UK); then probably the following points are what you need to know.

  • At the airport, you will find a great range of connectivity which let you stay connected while waiting for your flights.
  • You can also enjoy the facility of free mobile and laptop charging and the pay-as-you-go computer desks with internet access which let you stay engaged.
  • If you are traveling with your children, then you can get the glimpse of baby changing facilities at all terminals. Along with that, the facility of additional nursing rooms is available at terminal 3 and play areas are also there at terminal 3 and 5 in order to entertain your child.
  • You can also find a wide range of additional baggage services over here which includes the baggage storage and porter services to help in carrying your bags.
  •  At Heathrow, you can avail facilities like wheelchair accessible toilets, induction loops and help points and much more very easily. Apart from that, you can also find pharmacies and cash machines in all terminals both before and after security.


Terminal 1 (Closed):

The terminal 1 of the airport was closed in June 2015. Several newer boarding gates which were initially used by Terminal 1 had been built as part of the Terminal 2 development; later on, are being retained as a part of Terminal 2 only. British Airways was the last operator in Terminal 1. All operations have been relocated to Terminals 3 and 5.

Terminal 2:

Officially known as the Queen’s Terminal, it is the newest terminal of the airport. You can find a satellite pier, a 1,340-space car park, an energy center along with a cooling station to generate chilled water. A wide range of shops, bars, and restaurants will make it easy for you to wait for your next flight. Arrangements are made for the development process of this terminal by increasing its capacity as plans are there to close the Terminal 3 by 2019.

Terminal 3:

The terminal 3 at the Heathrow Airport was opened in November 1961. It was introduced to handle departures of flights for long-haul routes for foreign carriers to the United States, Asia, and other Far Eastern destinations. Rather the current status is that this terminal will soon be demolished by 2019 when the Terminal 2 has been completed.

Terminal 4:

The Terminal 4 is situated to the south of the southern runway which is next to the cargo terminal. It is connected to Terminals 1, 2 and 3 by the Heathrow Cargo Tunnel. This terminal is connected with the flights coming from Asia and North Africa and some of the flights to Europe. Installation of an extended check-in area with renovated piers and departure lounges and a new baggage system has been done in this Terminal.

Terminal 5:

The terminal 5 was open to the public in March 2008. It lies between the northern and southern runways at the western end of the Heathrow site. You will find a four-storey main terminal building and two satellite buildings which are linked to the main terminal. The terminal 5 has also been selected as Skytrax’s ‘World’s Best Airport Terminal’ in the year 2014 in the Annual World Airport Awards. The terminal 5 supports over 100 shops and several restaurants including the capacity for 60 aircraft stands and 30 million passengers.


Restaurants and Bars:

You can get the services of around more than 100 cafes, restaurants, and bars here at Heathrow Airport. Whether you want to have a snack or a full meal, you can get a great variety plus the glance of quality dining experience over here.


Lounges are your best friend when it is in concern with waiting for long at the airports for your connecting flights. And here at London Heathrow Airport, you can avail tremendous set of elegant lounges which is appropriate to relax or for a business meet. Along with that, you can order delicious food or beverages here or just enjoy the complimentary treatments at Spa. Yes, the access to these lounges depends upon class and the frequent flyer membership status.


With more than 150 shops in total, the Heathrow airport is just the right place for the shopaholics. From travel essentials to new gadgets or perfumes or skincare products, you will find everything here. You can avail a number of shopping services too like personal shopping, reserve and collect or home delivery.


  • The best part of the airport was its bus service; you don’t need to wait for long as the bus comes every 10 minutes. And I must say that the airport has the best-looking terminals full of space and lots of light. The terminal 2 supports an abundance of seating areas, lots of shopping and several coffee shops and restaurants too. Highly recommend the terminal 2, totally worthful for waiting.
  • This is one of the beautiful, open, clean and spacious airports I have ever been to. With excellent pick and drop facility, it just has everything that a traveler looks for. From clean and tidy toilets to the perfect security check, you won’t need to wait much. Above all the variety of the options available for eating and distribution is just too superb.

The List Of Top “9” Airports Of 2017 Is Revealed: Pick The One, Best Suits You

Passengers spend a lot of time at airports and so it becomes important to pick the right one rather than troubling much at others. So here is the list of current Top 9 airports in the world that are succeeded in impressing the passengers with its remarkable services and facilities.


London Heathrow Airport is one of the major international airports in London, United Kingdom. This airport was counted as the third busiest airport in the world on the basis of international passenger traffic but now has lost its thrown to Dubai International Airport. The airport supports more than 80 airlines which are linked to over 185 destinations in around 84 countries. It is the primary hub of British Airways too. It comprises 4 major passenger terminals along with a cargo terminal. The airport supports 6 runways which are arranged in three pairs at different angles in the shape of a hexagram. The ravishing features and compatible services of this airport have made it earns a spot in the Top 9 Airports list.


Zurich Airport of Switzerland is also known as Kloten Airport. It is the largest international airport in Switzerland and is the official hub for Swiss International Air Lines. The airport has three airside piers which are known as terminals A, B, and E and is linked to central air-side building called Airside Center which totally supports numerous medical centers, a conference center, shops, restaurants, offices, and hotels. The airport is located in around 13 kilometers; north of Central Zurich. The airport is owned by Flughafen Zürich AG; a company quoted on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has successfully made its spot in the Top 9 List of Best Airports.


Chubu Centrair International Airport is counted as the first class airport of Japan and it is the main international gateway for Chubu region of Japan. This airport is on the artificial island in Ise Bay, 35 km south to the Nagoya in central Japan. The main terminal of the airport is shaped like a “T” which is linked to three piers radiating from a central ticketing area. The airport serves a large number of domestic passengers and a number of regional routes operated to Asian cities such as Bangkok and Singapore. Worthy countable in the list Top 9 airports, this airport do deserve a spot on the list of top 9 airports in the world.

>>>>>   “TOP 9” Best Airlines In The World: Making The Traveling Experience Better And Better Again


Hamad International Airport is the international airport located in Doha (Qatar). Formerly known as New Doha International Airport (NDIA), Hamad International Airport was originally open in 2009 but due to a number of financial issues, its opening delayed to 30 April 2014. The airport supports around 30 million passengers annually and also concluded as the most architecturally significant terminal complex in the world, full of luxuries. Hamad International Airport has become the sixth airport in the world to receive the ‘5-Star Airport’ by Skytrax and does deserve the 6 spot in this listing of one of the best airports in the world.


Hong Kong International Airport is the main airport in Hong Kong, located on the island of Chek Lap Kok which give the airport the name i.e. Chek Lap Kok Airport. It is one of the busiest airports by passenger average and is the main gateway for destinations in Mainland China. Serving passengers in more than 45 destinations, the airport is counted as the world’s busiest cargo gateway and one of the world’s busiest passenger airports. The airport supports 100 airlines to about 180 locations all around the world which includes 44 destinations on the Chinese Mainland only. The airport is a winner of the “Airport of the Year” title at the World Airport Awards and so is ranked at 5th spot in the listing.


The Munich Airport is the major international airport of Germany. Being the second busiest airport in Germany, the airport is the secondary hub for Lufthansa German Airlines. It is linked to around 248 destinations all over the world. It is also the 7th busiest airport in Europe, handles more than 42 million passengers last year. The airport is located 28.5 km northeast of Munich near the old city of Freising. The airport supports two passenger terminals and an additional midfield terminal too with two runways and extensive cargo with maintenance facilities. Featuring 150 retail stores and more than 50 places to relax and dine, the airport has made its unique mark and definitely place 4th in the list.


The Incheon International Airport got 3rd spot in the top 9 ranking of best airports. Being the largest airport in South Korea, it holds a record of being ranked the Best Airport Worldwide for 11 consecutive years by the Airports Council International from 2005 to 2016. One of the busiest airports in the world, it is also known for it fast services which involves an average departure and arrival time of 19 minutes and 12 minutes which is very less as compare to others i.e. 60 minutes and 45 minutes respectively. It is also famous for its duty-free shopping mall which has been rated as the world’s best for three years in a row by Business Traveller. It is being awarded as the world’s cleanest airport and the world’s best international transit airport by Skytrax. So truly deserve the 3rd spot in the listing of best airports.


Commonly known as Haneda Airport or Tokyo Haneda Airport, the Tokyo International Airport is one of the two primary airports in Japan which serves the Greater Tokyo Area. The airport came into existence in 1978 and from then it keeps on handling almost all domestic flights to and from Tokyo. Haneda Airport properly handles more than 75 million passengers in 2015. It was the third busiest airport in Asia and the fifth busiest in the world. Playing a major role in the increment of tourism in Japan, the airport keeps on boasting both domestic and international terminals. Holding the 2nd place in list of top 9 airports in the world, Haneda keeps on improving its services by innovating new thing again and again just as it implements a new “Premier Gate” facility for business jets, with parking available for up to 30 days.


When it comes to No. 1 Spot of best airports, the position should be given to the one who satisfies all the conditions and terms and so as we can see in the case of Singapore Changi Airport. Popularly known as the Changi Airport, it is the primary civilian airport for Singapore and the largest transportation hub in Southeast Asia. Currently occupying the world’s best airport according to Skytrax, the airport is holding its 1st position from the 5 consecutive years i.e. from 2013 to 2017. The airport perfectly serves customers to more than 200 destinations all around the world with about 5000 arrivals and departures per week by 80 international flights. Located at the eastern end of Singapore approximately 17.2 kilometers northeast from Marina Bay, it is operated by Changi Airport Group. Fully deserve the number UNO spot in the listing.

Hence, here is the current listing of the Top 9 major airports which are successfully able to impress everyone with its beauty, services, and features.

“TOP 9” Best Airlines In The World: Making The Traveling Experience Better And Better Again

top 9 airlines in the world

When we talk about finding the best airlines, things like punctuality, quality, and speed of dealing with any compensation claims etc. matters a lot. Experts do gather all the information in regards to different aspects and then acquire the appropriate winner. Basically, it all depends upon how well-settled an airline is in serving its passengers.

Other big points which effect the decision of the judges regarding choosing the best airlines include the fleet age, passenger review ratings, profitability, investment rating, key product offerings and much more things like that.

It is not an easy race to be the Top 9 Airlines in the whole world. Every year, we get a new winner which passes all the basic necessities related to passenger’s safety or implementing new innovated stuff for the comfort of the travelers.

In order to find out the Top 9 Airlines in the world, there are a number of points to be measured. This year too, there is a fresh new list of another Top 9 Airlines which is as follow:

AT SPOT 9: QANTAS (Australia)

Qantas Airways is the airline carrier of Australia with the largest fleet size. Being the third oldest airlines in the world, Qantas was formed in November 1920. As the airline is facing severe financial issues from recent years but still it is offering good services and facilities to its passengers. Due to these reasons only, the airline has been selected as the best one in Australia/ Pacific for the fourth successive year and earns the ninth position in the series of best airlines in the world. Qantas has several in-flight entertainment systems installed and the seats of the first class cabins rotate, facing forward for takeoff, move to the side for dining and sleeping and involve numerous features like these. Qantas also supports smartphone application programs for Android.

AT SPOT 8: EVA AIR (Taiwan)

Eva Air Corporation is a Taiwanese based international airline which through mid 2000 has limited its access to Europe and certain Asian countries mainly due to the political status of Taiwan. But from the past two decades, the services of this international air services have extended to 40 international routes. EVA Air is also the winner of World’s Best Transpacific Airline. The airline is credited with pioneering the “premium economy” cabin. As the result, the airline has captured the spot 8 in the list.



Turkish Airlines is the carrier airline of Turkey and its headquarters is at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. The airline has become the first airline to fly in more than 119 countries. It also serves its services to 290 destinations including Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The Turkish Airlines has been selected as the World’s Best Premium Economy Class Airline for the three consecutive years in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Along with that, it also holds the status of the top European airline in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and that also was for six years in a row. Being selected as the fourth-largest carrier in the world by a number of destinations, it stands at spot 7 in the list.


Etihad Airways is a flag carrier of UAE. Being the second largest airline of UAE, it serves its service to more than 100 destinations. Having its main hub in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, near Abu Dhabi International Airport, the airline is known for its remarkable residence flying apartments and its elegant first class and business class suites. Etihad is also known for its in-flight entertainment system with audio-video on demand system that allows passengers to play their own audio, video and picture media. Being the winner of World’s Best First Class, Best First Class Seat, and Best First Class Onboard Catering, this airline truly deserves a spot in this category.

If you want to get the glimpse of the divine services of Etihad Airways, then you can easily book one of the flights to your route at reasonable rates by connecting to


When we are considering the World’s top airlines, how can Japan lack behind? ANA or All Nippon Airways is the largest airways service of Japan. Well-known for its cleanliness, service, and safety, the airlines also feature the slide-forward-style reclining seats that inturns increase overall privacy. Being selected as the winner of World’s Best Airport Services and Best Airline Staff Service in Asia, the airlines operate services to both domestic and international destinations and had more than 20,000 employees. The main office of ANA is located at Minato (Japan). In 2013, ANA was named a 5-Star Airline by Skytrax. Hence ANA does deserve a spot on this list.



Cathay Pacific is the popular carrier of Hong Kong, having its main hub located in Hong Kong International Airport. The airline is supporting the passengers and cargo services to 180 destinations in 44 countries worldwide. Despite the Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific fell back one spot from last year but still, the airline has managed to retain its place as the highest-ranked carrier from the Pacific Rim. Supporting a fleet of long-range Boeing 777-300ER jets and a business strategy centered, it is counted as one of the finest flying experiences in Asia. So it definitely scores well in the listing of top 9 airlines.



Singapore Airlines Limited is the main flag carrier of Singapore with its headquarters at Singapore Changi Airport. Well-known for its hospitality, the airlines offers a plenty of entertainment sources to its passengers which include the 24-inch in-flight entertainment screen with video touch screen handsets to the first class passengers too. The ravishing features like adjustable in-seat lighting, passenger control unit, hot towels served before take-off, a fixed-shell cabin with a 35-inch wide seat, foldable bed, etc. have made this airline the first choice for travelers. Skytrax has also named this airport as the Best Airport in the World for four years in a row. And the airlines capture the 3rd position in the list of best airlines in the world 2017.



Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar having its main hub at the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha. It is connected to over 150 international destinations across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and more. The airlines also make its economy class guests to enjoy features like smartphone and tablet connectivity to their personal screens etc. Being the world’s third largest international cargo carrier, the airlines offers its first-class passengers, 6.5 feet of legroom and seats that fold into flat beds with feather and also the facility of massage functions and various entertainment options like all aircraft have personal seat-back television screens. Qatar Airways economy class was named best in the world in the 2009 and 2010 by Skytrax. And the airline attain the Number 2 position this year.



As per the new ranking, the number UNO is captured by Emirates which is wholly owned by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai. Being the largest airline of Middle East, it facilitates its services in more than 154 cities across 6 continents. Emirates is fourth-largest airline in terms of international passengers carried which let the airline to expand both its fleet and its destinations year by year. The carrier also boasts the world’s largest fleet of Airbus A380 super jumbos and Boeing 777 wide-body jets. Emirates never disappoint its passengers and do constant innovations in its services. Talking about the entertainment system, Emirates has been awarded as the best airline for In-Flight Entertainment from the 12 consecutive years. Totally the best airline in its category, to hold the 1st spot.

So here’s the list of top 9 major airlines in the world which totally get succeeded in impressing the passengers and the critics with its services and hospitality.

Rules Regarding American Airlines Carry-On Requirements

Your baggage plays a very keen role when it comes to air travel. It’s not like traveling in a bus or train where you can carry as much luggage as you want. There are certain rules and regulations which you need to follow while flying in one of the American Airlines. It is based upon the quantity of bags you carry or the weight of them, you need to follow every rule as per the official’s mention.

There is a big list of restrictions attached to the carry-on which you need to follow otherwise you are not allowed to take the flight. These include:


You are allowed to carry one of your personal items and your carry-on bag while traveling to American Airlines flight. It includes a handbag, purse, laptop bag or stuff like that.

  • COST:

American Airlines charges some amount on the bags you checked. For example, $15 on the first bag, $25 on the second one, and $100 on the third, fourth and fifth bag and at last $200 on the sixth one. A little difference can be seen in the regulations of economy class and first-class passengers.

  • SIZE:

When it comes to carrying the baggage while flying, the less your content is, the more you can enjoy your journey. As there are a lot of restrictions related to the size of baggage, still people carry a lot of stuff with them. Obviously, there is a deduction for the first-class passengers as compare to economy class ones regarding the quantity they can carry. American Airlines specify that the size of the luggage they carry should not be more than 45 inches and this rule is same for both economy class and business class passengers. Rather, some airlines also let you carry stuff like laptops, coats, handbags with you but it’s best if you check all the baggage related rules before traveling.


There are restrictions regarding the size of the baggage, so as we can see in the weight too. American Airlines permit its passengers to carry luggage whose weight is 26 lbs or 11.7 kgs in the case of economy class passenger and 40 lbs or 18.1 kgs in the case of the economy or first-class traveler.


There are certain restrictions related to medical cases too. Like if an individual has a diagnosed medical problem, then he/she is allowed to bring an oxygen tank and other explosive compressed contents. But that person needs to inform the officials of American Airlines at least 48 hours before the flight through a call or any other medium.

  • PETS:

You can carry your pets like a cat or a dog along with your luggage. In total, the total weight of the entire package should be less than 20 pounds. The practice of carrying your pets comes under the American Airlines Pet Policy.


If you want to carry additional items with you like camera equipment, guns, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. with you in the flight, then there are certain provisions regarding that too. There are numerous restrictions attached to this special stuff; it is the duty of the passengers to gather or check out all the information regarding that from the website of American Airlines.


In terms of electronics, passengers are allowed to take personal gadgets and electronic devices with them on the flight, if these are approved to be carried as per the size and weight rule. These include laptops, android phones, audio systems, digital cameras, gaming instruments and more. Generally, some airlines put restrictions on using these devices at the time of taking off and landing, but passengers are fully allowed to carry these with them.


If you need to carry any type of liquid while traveling, then you are allowed to carry 100 ml or 3 ounces of that with you. These include stuff like cosmetics, creams, toiletries, etc. There are certain exemptions related to this category like with items like liquid medication and baby food.


American Airlines do not charge any additional cost for the carry-on items. This includes the purse, backpack, briefcase, etc. these items does not be larger than 9 inches or higher than 22 inches.


If you are carrying any personal item like a laptop bag, camera case or a handbag, it should not cross the dimensions of 9 inches large, 16 inches wide and 19 inches taller just as in the case of carrying on stuff. You can put these items in the upper bins or under the front seat.

These points mainly help you to get some extra knowledge regarding the carry-on stuff and definitely will clear your doubts and queries regarding that.


London Luton Airport is setting new records by becoming the busiest Airport serving a total of 15 million passengers with its services in a year which is the highest in its 79 years of history.

“Fifteen million passengers over 12 months is a significant milestone for us.”- A statement from Nick Barton, CEO of LLA.

LLA remains the only airport in London which is not attached to the facility of a direct express-style rail service. To which they hope that the government and the train operators will introduce four fast trains per hour from central London.

To extend its services, the airport actually had launched 20 new routes in 2015.

And to meet the demand of a huge number of passengers, LLA is currently undergoing a £110m redevelopment process which is estimated to be completed by the year 2020. It will help the airport officials to handle up to 18mmpa which is approximately 50% more than today.

This transformation will let the airport to get new stunning features and a complete redesign of the terminal for a quick, efficient, friendly and convenient passenger experience. It also includes the doubling of the existing retail space and will feature new options in shopping, dining, and entertainment. You will also witness a new executive lounge, a multi-storey car parking, and the Oyster card services through to the terminal building.

This redevelopment process will increase the capacity of passengers to 18 million per year by 2020.  To meet the needs of the passengers, a huge amount has been invested in the redevelopment project.

The transformation is going well and the passenger experience will be significantly improved within the next three years as per the estimation.

Feeling Nervous To Take Flight For The First Time: Here is What You Need!

If you are traveling a plane for the very first time, then you might be filled with excitement and nervousness. In case, you are traveling alone, then things become a little tricky for a first time travelers. Where to check-in and what documents you need are some of the important questions while taking planes, so it’s better if you go through the following list of few tips which might become a helping guide for those who are taking the flights for the very first time.

Following points go well with the first time air travel guide:

  • Firstly, buy a ticket/ e-ticket:

The easiest and the best way to purchase a ticket or book a flight is to search for your flight ticket online. You will get better deals and best discounts on multiple flights to different routes.

  • Do take your photo identification proof:

If you are taking a domestic flight, you will need a photo identification card such as a driver’s license or your voter card. If you are flying internationally, then you will require a passport, usually the one that is valid for six months from the date of departure.

  • Make sure you have an accessible copy of your ticket:

Taking an extra copy of the air ticket is always helpful while traveling on air. In the case of any emergency, you can easily manage the situation by showing them your copied documents.

  • Carry luggage as per the airline requirement:

Before packing your several pieces of baggage, do go through the restrictions made by the different airlines on them. The majority of the airlines permit their passengers to carry one handbag or any other personal item like laptop or purse with them. So do study the rules in concern with that.

For more details regarding the baggage and rules attached to it, do connect to Here you can easily pick the best available deals and proper guidance from experts.

  • Arrive at the airport early:

Arriving an hour before the take off proves very helpful when you are a first time traveler. Spending time at the airport will make you comfortable and help you to familiarize yourself with the whole process.

  • Check-in at the airline desk:

Do follow some of the signs to the check-in desk and show your ID proof so that they can look up the reservation, print your boarding passes and collect any baggage fees for checked bags if required by weighing them.

  • Go through the security check:

At the security checkpoint, do present your boarding pass and the ID proof. Once you are at the screening machines, take off your shoes and jacket; place them into a plastic bin provided to you. In case, you are traveling with the laptop, place it aside from other stuff.

  • Collect baggage properly:

Once your flight lands; exit the airplane and follow signs for baggage claim. Identify your baggage and collect it out.

  • Register your phone number with the Airline:

If you register your phone number with the Airlines, then that particular Airlines can send you the PNR number and details of all the flights in advance. In case, your flight is delayed or rescheduled; they will also text you or call you.


  • Make sure that your all bags are well-packed and properly locked.
  • Check the Airport Terminal where your flight will arrive or depart from.
  • Do take a Trolley for ease, if you have a lot of stuff & pieces of baggage with you.
  • Store all the necessary items in your Hand-baggage which you might need on the flight.
  • Do not carry any hazardous or dangerous stuff or prohibited items in your carry-ons.
  • Avoid standing in long queues with large groups & people with a lot of Checked-in baggage.
  • Check out whether your flight is delayed or depart on time.
  • So just be a little prepared and manage to take care of the all the necessary documents while traveling on planes.

Airlines Offer Free Meals on Their US Flights

Who doesn’t like to get free things? When it is related to flights and the amenities you get there; free complimentary meals are always welcome by the passengers. Free meals in flights are making a comeback; that means you can again enjoy the facility of complimentary meals on specific flights.

Here are the different airlines which initiate a step to impart best to their customers or travelers by offering them different facilities and services.


American Airlines (AAL) announced on Tuesday that it will again offer free meals on selected flights to all passengers of economy class on certain cross-country flights; starting from May 1. It added that the offer is applicable to all flights between Los Angeles and New York, and between San Francisco and New York.

The variety of the meals being offered will depend upon the time of the day. From continental breakfasts to desserts, passengers will have a huge variety to pick from. Along with that, several vegetarian options will also be available in that; as the passengers can pick a vegetarian meal or a fruit-and-cheese plate.

This facility of offering the complimentary meals in the main cabins of selected flights will let the passengers get the glimpse of luxurious traveling experience.


The Delta Airlines become the first one to introduced or revive the facility of free meals after announcing it on 1st of March.

You can enjoy this facility if you are traveling in specific flights like New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to Seattle, San Diego, and Phoenix; Washington D.C. to Los Angeles and many other flights.

This is a part of a multi-million dollar effort to improve customer experience across the board. The complimentary meals facility in various long haul flights between New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Los Angeles and San Francisco will let the passengers taste different flavors and cuisines.

Delta has taken an initiative by introducing this facility back in 2001 in many domestic flights and expands its services to several other flights too. You can also witness the amenities like cabin snacks, blankets and free in-flight entertainment to passengers in here. Along with that, the provision of complimentary beer, wine, spirits and sleep kits facilities will let you enjoy your traveling experience.

Delta amazed many travelers with its new re-introduction of meals in flights.


When we talk about the complimentary meal services in flights, how can we forget the Hawaiian Airlines! These airlines offer you to get the taste of delicious island-inspired meals like the hot ciabatta sandwich, farfalle pasta with marinara or ginger chicken with rice and veggies; which are totally free to the routes of North America, South Pacific, and Asia routes. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a wide variety of drinks to make your traveling experience exceptional.

The Hawaiian Airlines also offer special services to their young guests of 2 to 12 age, by offering them special child meals. The unique feature of the meal facility is that the eatables you get on Hawaiian Airlines are “ALL NATURAL”, that means it does not contain any preservative and is wrapped in eco-friendly packages.

To satisfy your dietary restrictions, these airlines offer special meals such as vegetarian or vegan meals.

To compete with its competitors, United Airlines may soon announce the same thing. As for now, the airlines offer free meals on international flights only, but it is predicted that it may also expand its services regarding the same.